Over the years both I and Hewley have enjoyed; coaching, collaborating, talking to one another and coming up with innovative ideas. Our relationship remains strong even though Hewley has gone in a slightly different career pathway. I am confident in Hewley's ability and focus to produce the goods, which is why I strongly recommend his vision - product - service.

Eli Baraty - Head Coach
Harefield Table Tennis Academy |  Sporting Excellence | Alongside Education     

“I’ve known Hewley for about 2 years now. I wanted a table tennis coach and Hewley was recommended to me by a good friend, ever since then we have done regular one to one sessions together. My game has improved tremendously and Hewley is always punctual, highly knowledgeable and very patient. Overall I would say he is an exceptional table tennis coach.”

Heston Blumenthal OBE
Celebrity Chef

Hewley Griffith has developed a passion for the sport have achieved a lot. I had given him the opportunity to participate in a training program at a club in London in the year 2006, the same year of which he became a level 2 table tennis coach. I am proud of him and his contribution to the sport of table tennis as an athlete and more importantly his ongoing contribution as a qualified coach.

Debbie Mc Kenzie - Table Tennis Coach/Mentor
Mildred Mansfield TTC Guyana | Challengers TTC Guyana

About Hewley Griffith Table Tennis Academy

Our company mission is to promote, support and develop table tennis as a fun and development sport amongst people of all ages and abilities. We offer table tennis coaching to schools, companies and individuals. We are available for product demonstrations, and we also offer marketing and promotional services to companies looking to market table tennis related products.

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Hewley Griffith
Awards and competitions

  • 6x Guyana Singles Champion
  • 4 x Mens Doubles Champion
  • 4 x Mixed Doubles Champion
  • 2005 Caribbean International Goodwill Champion (team)
  • 2009 Caribbean Championships Silver Medallist (Teams)
  • 3 x Wandsworth and District League Champion Div 1
  • more table tennis awards


Table Tennis is the perfect sport for inclusive schools where a full range of athletic ability. As a non-contact sport, with a ball that weighs only a few grams, table tennis is practically a safe sport. Table tennis players don't have the risk of being hit by lightning, breaking bones, head banging or having a concussion. Table tennis is a safe sport for those who want a contentious game in fast motion without placing stress on your ankles, knees and back.

Contact Details

Hewley Griffith Table Tennis Academy,
63 Bristow Road,

Phone: +44 77 394 32007